Dec 2014: Understanding Git History as GitHub rejects >100Mb files

We recently had to understand a large git history for a project and found these commands so useful so thought we would share. The main issue was that GitHub rejects files larger than 100MB so we had to get rid … Continue reading

Nov 2014: Sencha Training complete: Sencha ExtJS 5 and Sencha Architect 3.1 training

Another successful training course has been completed for PCS – a successful marketing company in Wolverhampton. The week long course saw the course members complete a RESTful app to manage blog posts inside 2 days, then we re-wrote the app … Continue reading

The Times: ProWebSoftware.Net Business Clinic

Read an interview with ProWeb founder Ashley Coker in the UK national newspaper The Times, to see how they have helped ProWebSoftware service the requirement for staff to work on your projects: Q: My company builds apps for businesses. For … Continue reading

Creating an Online/Offline proxy in Sencha Touch

Also published on Sencha’s official blog Introduction A common requirement in Sencha Touch is that an application must continue working normally when a device loses its connection to the Internet. Sencha Cmd delivers some great tools that give us everything … Continue reading

Sencha Touch 2.3.1 toolbar setTitle

A recent issue found in Touch is that if you have a toolbar with no value set, and then call setTitle(‘my new title’), it was updating the first time but not updating after that. So another call to setTitle(‘a different … Continue reading

Sencha CMD 5 broken Ext.Msg.alert – Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function

Note: This article applies to Sencha Cmd 5 only. This was not an issue when the app was built with Sencha Cmd 4. My Sencha Touch 2.3.1 project was building. It worked in development. Now all I needed to do … Continue reading

Capitals in Git version control

I just renamed all my files in my repo from lower case to upper case and was wondering why Git would not recognise the change in case. When I searched in the repository for .git/config I found this: So I … Continue reading

Should you test views in an MVC application built in Sencha Touch?

A common debate is whether or not to write unit tests for views in Sencha Touch.  In theory an MVC app should be made up of: Fat Models Skinny Controllers Dumb Views So what does that mean?  Well, the majority … Continue reading

Listening to arbitrary config in ExtJS & Sencha Touch

Did you know you can listen to any arbitrary config value on any of your Observable instances in ExtJS.  Suppose you defined a view in ExtJS or Sencha Touch, and you gave it an arbitrary config of `controlledByTabMaster:true`.  You can … Continue reading

Modifying Jasmine spies after creation with Sencha Touch

Sometimes you might want to spy on a method which doesn’t call through but then later in the same suite of tests does call through.  For example I might spy on Ext.create because I want to check it was called … Continue reading