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Dec 2014: Understanding Git History as GitHub rejects >100Mb files

We recently had to understand a large git history for a project and found these commands so useful so thought we would share. The main issue was that GitHub rejects files larger than 100MB so we had to get rid … Continue reading

Nov 2014: Sencha Training complete: Sencha ExtJS 5 and Sencha Architect 3.1 training

Another successful training course has been completed for PCS – a successful marketing company in Wolverhampton. The week long course saw the course members complete a RESTful app to manage blog posts inside 2 days, then we re-wrote the app … Continue reading

The Times: ProWebSoftware.Net Business Clinic

Read an interview with ProWeb founder Ashley Coker in the UK national newspaper The Times, to see how they have helped ProWebSoftware service the requirement for staff to work on your projects: Q: My company builds apps for businesses. For … Continue reading

Creating an Online/Offline proxy in Sencha Touch

Also published on Sencha’s official blog Introduction A common requirement in Sencha Touch is that an application must continue working normally when a device loses its connection to the Internet. Sencha Cmd delivers some great tools that give us everything … Continue reading

Sencha Touch 2.3.1 toolbar setTitle

A recent issue found in Touch is that if you have a toolbar with no value set, and then call setTitle(‘my new title’), it was updating the first time but not updating after that. So another call to setTitle(‘a different … Continue reading

Sencha CMD 5 broken Ext.Msg.alert – Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function

Note: This article applies to Sencha Cmd 5 only. This was not an issue when the app was built with Sencha Cmd 4. My Sencha Touch 2.3.1 project was building. It worked in development. Now all I needed to do … Continue reading

Capitals in Git version control

I just renamed all my files in my repo from lower case to upper case and was wondering why Git would not recognise the change in case. When I searched in the repository for .git/config I found this: So I … Continue reading

Should you test views in an MVC application built in Sencha Touch?

A common debate is whether or not to write unit tests for views in Sencha Touch.  In theory an MVC app should be made up of: Fat Models Skinny Controllers Dumb Views So what does that mean?  Well, the majority … Continue reading

Listening to arbitrary config in ExtJS & Sencha Touch

Did you know you can listen to any arbitrary config value on any of your Observable instances in ExtJS.  Suppose you defined a view in ExtJS or Sencha Touch, and you gave it an arbitrary config of `controlledByTabMaster:true`.  You can … Continue reading

Modifying Jasmine spies after creation with Sencha Touch

Sometimes you might want to spy on a method which doesn’t call through but then later in the same suite of tests does call through.  For example I might spy on Ext.create because I want to check it was called … Continue reading

Checking for presence of class in array of classes in Sencha Touch and Jasmine

When unit testing in Sencha Touch it’s sometimes a requirement to check that you’re defining the correct dependencies of a file using the ‘requires’ statement in the config. Let’s take a controller as an example: In our test we want … Continue reading

Checking haveBeenCalledWith more than once in the same method call with Jasmine

Sometimes in Jasmine you want to spy on a method and check it’s been called multiple times.  This is especially relevant with Sencha Touch for global methods like Ext.create. There are a couple of things you can do.  Firstly you … Continue reading

Instantiating controllers for unit testing in Sencha Touch 2.2

When unit testing controllers you may want to create a new instance of the controller for each test.  It’s not possible to instantiate controllers directly in Sencha Touch simply using Ext.create. You need to pass a reference to a Sencha … Continue reading

Fix Sencha Touch 2.2 box layouts in latest Chrome

A recent update to Chrome has changed how box layouts and min-height work.  There is an easy fix by changing one of the base sass files in the Sencha Touch 2.2 library. The file we’re looking for is /touch/resources/themes/stylesheets/sencha-touch/base/mixins/_Class.scss Look … Continue reading

Editing the Mac OSX Hosts file

Introduction The hosts file is a text file that maps hostnames to IP addresses. Upon typing a url address on the browser, the system is checking if there is a relevant entry on the hosts file and gets the corresponding IP … Continue reading

Safari CORS requests withCredentials

It turns out, Safari will block “third party” cookies from domains you haven’t visited. This is a default Security setting. If you authenticate against an API/service which is not in the domain, and get a session cookie, it will never … Continue reading

Lazy data associations in ExtJS4

A common problem to try and solve in ExtJS is how to use data associations effectively.  There are numerous posts around the web and on Sencha’s forum that explain the best way to do this, but we feel the most … Continue reading

HTML5 mobile website

For many companies’ software development teams the debate still rages about whether to go native or whether HTML5 is the best option. Truth be known, there are pros and cons whichever route you take. Whilst there’s indecision among many, Best … Continue reading

ExtJS web application

You may or may not be aware but the guys behind the Chromium project at Google are releasing a new rendering engine called Blink that future iterations of the Google Chrome browser will use. Blink will still be based on … Continue reading

ExtJS scheduler

Scheduling solutions are ideal for companies looking to easily manage the workflow and appointments of multiple staff. The following ExtJS scheduler and Sencha Touch scheduler plugins allow companies to do just that across multiple platforms, both in the desktop browser … Continue reading

Sencha Touch theme

If you’ve looked at the Sencha Touch theme for version 2.2 you’ll notice that the way it handles iconography is very different from previous versions. As Steve Drucker has pointed out, Sencha Touch 1 – 2.1 “base-64 encoded PNG files … Continue reading

NFC and Sencha Touch

You may have heard the term ‘NFC’ bandied around a lot recently, especially in the context of mobile devices and smartphones. But what exactly is NFC? NFC stands for Near Field Communication and allows NFC tagged components to communicate and … Continue reading

Sencha Touch and Blackberry 10

Sencha have recently announced that Sencha Touch 2.1.1 will now fully support Blackberry 10. This means that developers can fully utilise Sencha Touch to create mobile applications that run on the Blackberry 10 browser. As Sencha explain, they have created … Continue reading

Sencha HTML5 canvas

With HTML5 being an all encompassing term it’s often difficult to know where to start when creating a web-application. Unless you know the complete set of tools available to you it’s impossible to leverage HTML5 to its full potential. If … Continue reading

Sencha Touch 2.2 Beta

Sencha have announced their latest update to Sencha Touch – the long awaited Sencha Touch 2.2 Beta. Sencha Touch 2.2 Beta has new browser and platform support for IE 10 and Windows Phone 8. Plus, improved components for infinite grid, … Continue reading

Too soon for HTML5? No chance. Why Zuckerberg got it wrong.

For the past few years now we have heard about HTML5 and the heralding of a new era in terms of the World Wide Web. Those that know HTML5 well will be aware it has many benefits, particularly with regards … Continue reading

Sencha Touch 2.2alpha

Have you used Sencha Touch 2.2alpha yet? We have. Soon we will publish the details of what we have written using the pre release of the awesome Sencha Touch library. We are intending to put forward an entry for the … Continue reading

New iPhone means a new app right? Not if it’s HTML5

For the past couple of weeks there have been strong rumours circulating that Apple is soon to release a range of new iPhones, all with different screen sizes and colours from the standard iPhone currently on offer. New iterations of … Continue reading

Why APPs?

Mobile is becoming an increasingly integrated element of our buying process because it makes decision making and purchasing more accessible, very user friendly and intuitive. Mobile devices have become key influencers in the way we shop, with 50% of people … Continue reading

The Evolution of the Workplace

Technological developments have led to dramatic changes in how we work. Adopting the latest tools, practices and methods has become increasingly important in a competitive market place and companies can’t afford to fall behind the times. Globalisation means companies are … Continue reading

Coding at School

As our lives become increasingly computer based and driven, we face a problem. This problem has been summed up by the Education Secretary himself, who has said that ’the inadequate grounding in computing offered by the current curriculum was in danger of … Continue reading

The Internet Economy!

According to a study by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) the Internet contributes to 8.3% of the UK economy, a bigger share than for any of the other G20 major countries. The study predicts the entire G20 Internet economy will be over $4 trillion … Continue reading

Why all the fuss about webapps?

Recent studies and surveys have concluded that this is the year of the web app. With statistics showing that one million smartphones will be purchased in 2013, web apps have reached the point where businesses can no longer afford to ignore them. According … Continue reading

Will your next laptop be a mobile device?

The idea isn’t as crazy as it sounds. The UK is in the vanguard of adoption of non-PC devices and ranks second only to Singapore in the use of the new devices for browsing the web. Currently in the UK, 67.6% … Continue reading

Mobile Apps Development: Web vs. Native

Web apps (apps that run in a browser) are cheaper to develop than native apps, but how do they match the native user experience? Most developers or teams have to support apps on multiple smart platforms. Want to write an … Continue reading

Web Apps vs Native Apps cont…..

More than one supermarket chain has recently launched iPhone specific applications to order groceries via your mobile device.  But I don’t have an iPhone – so I can’t order my groceries on the go?  Well, in short, no you can’t! … Continue reading

Web Apps vs Native Apps

Interesting new capabilities within mobile Web browsers are progressing all the time but will Web-based apps eventually overthrow native applications on mobile devices?  This report from the Global Intelligence Alliance would suggest so. One of the most important points to … Continue reading

WiFi Sharing in Android

Turn your Android 2.2 phone into a wireless hotspot with our quick quide Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 – review

Will Windows Phone 7 help Microsoft fight back against Apple and Google? Continue reading

Android for Business

Is Android a viable solution in the office? We take a look at the best Android Business apps available Continue reading