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Nov 2014: Sencha Training complete: Sencha ExtJS 5 and Sencha Architect 3.1 training

Another successful training course has been completed for PCS – a successful marketing company in Wolverhampton. The week long course saw the course members complete a RESTful app to manage blog posts inside 2 days, then we re-wrote the app completely using Sencha Architect to demonstrate two different methods of creating the same result. We then moved on to some more complex examples including how to introduce JavaScript promises into an enterprise Sencha app! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the course and some of the feedback from the people at PCS was amazing – with one person quoting “It’s the best training course I have been on!”. Everyone seemed very pleased with their certificates of completion. Thanks guys – we enjoyed delivering the course as much as you enjoyed learning from it.

Some Highlights:

  • Node.js RESTful development server installed and configured
  • How to use the Sencha docs!
  • The web development console
  • Whats new in ExtJS5?
  • Sencha CMD
  • MVVM as well as MVC
  • Introducing Layouts
  • Navigation via browser routes
  • Models
  • Custom components
  • Responding to events
  • Forms and Grids
  • Overnesting!
  • Component re-use
  • Data stores
  • Chained stores
  • Themes
  • Packaging for production
ExtJS 5 Training

ExtJS 5 Training including Sencha Architect 3.1

Sencha training

Lots of coffee but we got there in the end!

If you would like to know more about our Sencha training course then please feel free to get in touch – we would be happy to help.