Monthly Archives: August 2013

Fix Sencha Touch 2.2 box layouts in latest Chrome

A recent update to Chrome has changed how box layouts and min-height work.  There is an easy fix by changing one of the base sass files in the Sencha Touch 2.2 library. The file we’re looking for is /touch/resources/themes/stylesheets/sencha-touch/base/mixins/_Class.scss Look … Continue reading

Editing the Mac OSX Hosts file

Introduction The hosts file is a text file that maps hostnames to IP addresses. Upon typing a url address on the browser, the system is checking if there is a relevant entry on the hosts file and gets the corresponding IP … Continue reading

Safari CORS requests withCredentials

It turns out, Safari will block “third party” cookies from domains you haven’t visited. This is a default Security setting. If you authenticate against an API/service which is not in the domain, and get a session cookie, it will never … Continue reading

Lazy data associations in ExtJS4

A common problem to try and solve in ExtJS is how to use data associations effectively.  There are numerous posts around the web and on Sencha’s forum that explain the best way to do this, but we feel the most … Continue reading