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HTML5 mobile website

For many companies’ software development teams the debate still rages about whether to go native or whether HTML5 is the best option. Truth be known, there are pros and cons whichever route you take.

Whilst there’s indecision among many, Best Western are clear backers of the mobile web, basing their mobile strategy on it. According to Dorothy Dowling, Best Western’s Senior Vice President of Marketing & Sales, their HTML5 mobile website “powers many of the functional components” of their apps and sets the standard concerning design style that apps in their portfolio must follow. That’s not to say Best Western discount native apps entirely but certainly a large focus of their strategy is on HTML5.

An HTML5 mobile website offers a mobile user distinct advantages over a desktop site as content is specific to the device being viewed on, meaning less pinching and zooming, and overall it’s just a better experience, which should mean more contented customers.

An HTML5 framework such as Sencha Touch provides out of the box components designed for mobile, such as toolbars, lists, search bars and buttons, and allows you to create a user experience specific for mobile. Whilst Sencha Touch allows you to package up and release the end result as an actual app, it’s also possible to skip this step and just release an HTML5 mobile website. As it happens, ProWeb are experts using Sencha Touch, having worked with it hands-on for more than 5 years.

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