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Sencha Touch theme

If you’ve looked at the Sencha Touch theme for version 2.2 you’ll notice that the way it handles iconography is very different from previous versions. As Steve Drucker has pointed out, Sencha Touch 1 – 2.1 “base-64 encoded PNG files into your app’s stylesheet, whereas Sencha Touch 2.2 instead uses a web font from to render iconography in your app’s buttons”. The advantage of this approach is much improved performance due to better memory consumption. However, the downside is that you will be required to refactor your code if you want to upgrade your Sencha Touch app, as the strings used to identify icons used in previous versions are not the same as in Sencha Touch 2.2.

Steve Drucker’s useful article provides all the string identifiers for all of Sencha Touch 2.2’s out of the box icons.

If you want to use your own iconography you will need to encode your custom icons into the pictos web-font.

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