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ExtJS scheduler

Scheduling solutions are ideal for companies looking to easily manage the workflow and appointments of multiple staff. The following ExtJS scheduler and Sencha Touch scheduler plugins allow companies to do just that across multiple platforms, both in the desktop browser and on mobile devices.

ExtJS scheduler

Bryntum have developed an Ext scheduler plugin that works with ExtJS, so you can create a scheduling solution that works in the desktop browser. As the plugin is standards based it works on a cross-platform basis across all major desktop browsers including IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. The basic plugin can be extended so you can add your own functionality and adjust the basic themes.

Like the Sencha Touch scheduler (below), the ExtJS scheduler makes managing workflows easy through a simple drag and drop process. This type of desktop scheduling solution is ideal for any companies looking to manage a large volume of daily appointments, whose staff are largely based onsite.

Sencha Touch scheduler

Typically, scheduling components having only been available for desktop-based applications, however Bryntum have also recently developed a scheduler component designed for mobile devices and tablets on iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms. This includes the latest devices including the iPad, iPhone, Nexus tab and Android Phone.

The scheduler has been built in pure Javascript and CSS (built to HTML5 standards) and allows simple resizing of scheduled events through drag & drop processes, through events such as touch, tap hold and pinching. Since the scheduler is built using standards based web-technologies, allowing it to work cross-platform across multiple devices.

The plugin easily integrates with other Sencha Touch components such as charts, which is great if you plan on building a similar type of app using the Sencha Touch framework.

The Sencha Touch scheduler is ideal for companies looking to better manage a mobile workforce. For a company with a mobile sales staff, the scheduler makes it easy to adjust their daily calendar, adding new appointments as they please. It’s also easy to oversee a sales’ staff movements by tapping various peoples’ names in the left hand pane.

ProWeb have experience in building solutions using both the ExtJS scheduler and Sencha Touch scheduler plugins and would be happy to help should you need the same.

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