Monthly Archives: April 2013

ExtJS scheduler

Scheduling solutions are ideal for companies looking to easily manage the workflow and appointments of multiple staff. The following ExtJS scheduler and Sencha Touch scheduler plugins allow companies to do just that across multiple platforms, both in the desktop browser … Continue reading

Sencha Touch theme

If you’ve looked at the Sencha Touch theme for version 2.2 you’ll notice that the way it handles iconography is very different from previous versions. As Steve Drucker has pointed out, Sencha Touch 1 – 2.1 “base-64 encoded PNG files … Continue reading

NFC and Sencha Touch

You may have heard the term ‘NFC’ bandied around a lot recently, especially in the context of mobile devices and smartphones. But what exactly is NFC? NFC stands for Near Field Communication and allows NFC tagged components to communicate and … Continue reading

Sencha Touch and Blackberry 10

Sencha have recently announced that Sencha Touch 2.1.1 will now fully support Blackberry 10. This means that developers can fully utilise Sencha Touch to create mobile applications that run on the Blackberry 10 browser. As Sencha explain, they have created … Continue reading