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Sencha Touch 2.2alpha

Have you used Sencha Touch 2.2alpha yet? We have. Soon we will publish the details of what we have written using the pre release of the awesome Sencha Touch library. We are intending to put forward an entry for the 2013 HTML5 is ready app contest from Sencha themselves found here:

So what is different in Sencha Touch 2.2alpha that is going to be included in Sencha Touch 2.2 and possibly Sencha Touch 2.3 and beyond..?!

The main thing is that there is IE10 support. That’s right, the latest Microsoft browser that runs on the latest Microsoft Surface tablet. As more browsers support the latest CSS features such as a flexible box layout ( Sencha incorporates them into their latest works. Thanks Sencha and thanks Microsoft.

The other main changes in Sencha Touch 2.2alpha are things like Theming changes changing support from standard -webkit-mask to Pictos Fonts. The main details can be found in the release notes and on the PICTOS site.

Watch this space for ProWebSoftware’s competition entry that will run Sencha Touch 2.2alpha, support all the latest browsers on all the latest devices including the Microsoft Surface (IE10), Android, iOS etc! We even have a couple of surprises!

Thanks for reading!

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