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Why APPs?

Mobile is becoming an increasingly integrated element of our buying process because it makes decision making and purchasing more accessible, very user friendly and intuitive.

Mobile devices have become key influencers in the way we shop, with 50% of people using their mobile devices to assist with purchasing decisions; from product or service research through to checking prices and utilising discounts codes or vouchers.

With more than half of the UK population going online at least once a day, companies who don’t capitalise on APPs cannot get the most out of mobile.

  • More than half of the UK population go online at least once a day – and with internet access via a mobile device increasing in popularity, if you don’t have am APP you could lose sales opportunities
  • Substantially enhance the web-browsing experience for your mobile visitors; APPs can encourage instantaneous sales and reducing risk of losing out at decision making stage
  • Increase customer loyalty because it’s quicker and easier to find your company website on a mobile device using an APP icon
  • Provide an new selling environment which can be utilised by your sales teams at meetings, events, on exhibition stands – online or offline
  • Integrate with other mobile technologies which will provide more business opportunities e.g. ticketing, loyalty cards, boarding passes, technology updates, ecommerce (Apple Passbook iOS6)
  • Take advantage of Geo-Advertising and location Ring-Fencing – allowing your business to promote to your customers when they are located near to your business
  • Consistent and Professional Corporate Identity – your web visitor will the same consistent look and feel on any mobile device – from iPhone, iPad to Android Smartphone or tablet device