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Web Apps vs Native Apps

Interesting new capabilities within mobile Web browsers are progressing all the time but will Web-based apps eventually overthrow native applications on mobile devices?  This report from the Global Intelligence Alliance would suggest so.


One of the most important points to consider when looking at any commercial application deployment is reach – how many users will the target application connect with?  One platform for deployment is the mobile platform, where organisations are all too often making uninformed decisions regarding mobile application development.

The pressure to join the band-wagon and develop an iPhone specific app has sometimes clouded the judgement of organisations.  What about the other mobile platforms?  Millions of users do not have an iPhone, so choosing to develop a costly native iPhone app seems crazy when compared to the cheaper alternative cross-device ‘web app’.  This is where ProWebSoftware can help, especially when the same result can be achieved and targeted at millions more users.

Lets take an example.  More than one supermarket chain has recently launched iPhone specific applications to order groceries via your mobile device.  But I don’t have an iPhone – so I can’t order my groceries on the go?  See the next post to see how this could have been done smarter…….