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WiFi Sharing in Android

The arrival of the next version of the Android operating system, Android 2.2, AKA Froyo, is here!

In addition to full Flash support and a whopper of a speed improvement, we’ve just confirmed something that’s even more stunning. V2.2 will have built in USB tethering so you can share your data connection with your laptop, something Apple and AT&T still haven’t managed to allow in the U.S, however will be available with some operators in the UK. And even better: you can turn your Android phone into a portable wifi hotspot as well.

You can see the tethering and wifi hotspot features in the screenshots here. One thing that isn’t clear from the information we’ve received is whether carriers can turn this feature off, or even charge for it, unless they break away from the standard Android build.

This is, of course, terrific news for Android users. Android is now one step closer to taking on, or even beating the famous IOS operating system that runs on the iPhone. With tethering and wifi hotspot features, Apple and others have some serious catching up to do.

android wifi hotspot

How to enable the hotspot